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A gentleman's valet is a personal piece of furniture in much the same way that a dressing table is. More than likely it will only ever be used by one person. With the exception of a few outsourced details, I handmake these valets in a workshop in London. They're made using selected hardwoods and hand finished with lacquers and oils. I'm continually looking for new ways to improve my designs both aestheticly and functionally, trying out new details that might give valets a wider appeal. I started the Gentleman's Valet Company because I enjoyed making my first commissioned valet so much I wanted to try developing my own ideas while carrying on the standards and attention to detail from my time making bespoke furniture. I make a small but growing range of valets but if you're looking for something different you can read about some of the ways in which you can have your valet personalised on the bespoke page.


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Gentleman's Valet Company
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Bespoke service

I offer various degrees of bespoke service. Some minor changes to make the valet just right can be done without affecting the price. Anything that does will be estimated before work begins.

The Gentleman's Retainer is always made to suit the height of the customer because one size won't fit all, the shoe stand can also be altered to fit. The standard hanger width of the men’s valets is 42.5 centimetres, this can be increased to 50 centimetres or reduced to 38 if you let me know at the time of ordering. This may affect the normal delivery time estimate.

Bespoke timbers and finishes. The Standard valet and all the other valets which are on the wooden screw thread are only available in oak and walnut. The choice of bespoke finish is limited because of the screw thread. Valets on fixed stands like the Retainer are far more flexible. The website prices are for mahogany and oak but it can be made in other timbers as a bespoke detail, price on request. There are various finishes that can be done on the Retainer but they do add to the finishing time and therefore will affect the price.

Full Bespoke Service. This begins with a discussion with the client to try to put together a picture of their ideal valet. I can't estimate what a bespoke valet will cost until I have a good idea of what will be involved but where possible every effort will be made to use existing details such as jacket hangers to keep the final cost down. If you are interested in having a bespoke valet commissioned it would be helpful to see photographs of the room it will be going in, finish samples and the users details such as height, jacket hanger width and shoe size and any other requirements they have.