Bespoke details… colour matching.

Over the last few months we’ve made a few bespoke Gentleman’s Retainer valets which particularly featured colour matching. Because the retainer doesn’t involve any moving parts like the valets with the wooden screw thread. It can be available in a wider range of timbers and finishes.

The photos show mahogany retainers with very different finishes. A high gloss, reddish brown lacquer and an almost matt finish valet made to match some existing teak furniture. The third valet was in beech and given an opaque brown finish to match existing furniture.

Bespoke details colour matching.

Detail of the top section of the full gloss, mahogany retainer valet.


Bespoke details colour matching.

Mahogany Gentleman’s Retainer given a matt oiled finish to match existing teak furniture.


Bespoke details colour matching and etching

Gentleman’s Retainer in beech with almost opaque brown lacquer finish.


Colour matching is a bespoke detail but the price change is purely down to extra labour and material costs.

Sam Brown