A valet to serve you the whole day.

This has been one of my favourite bespoke commissions so far. To make a pair of valets in walnut, one for the client’s home, the other his office.


Bespoke Gentleman’s Retainer and Hatstand valets in walnut

The Hatstand Valet was made to the client’s height, at 6’1″(185 centimetres) it was the first time I found myself looking up at a Hatstand Valet. Gentleman’s Retainers have always been made to suit the height of the client but now if a client wants any of the other floor standing valets made to a specific height, that can be arranged when the order details are confirmed.


Gold etched initials on a Gentleman’s Retainer

This wasn’t the first time I’d done etching on jacket hangers but the contrast of the gold letters against the walnut worked really well, lettering can also be filled in colours.


Gold etched Hatstand Valet

The other detail which I’d had in mind for some time was to add a strip of velvet across the top of the trouser hanger as a friction strip for clients worried about trousers slipping off the trouser bar,

Gentleman's Retainer with bespoke etching and velvet detail on hanger

Gentleman’s Retainer with bespoke etching and velvet detail on hanger

If you are interested in ordering a valet and want it personalised in any way please contact me through the inquiry form on the bespoke section of the About page on the website.

Sam Brown