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Valet no.9 even better with new hanger detail and tie and belt bars.

Valet no.9 just got even better!

  • Never mind the new iPhone, Valet no.9 has just had its first update. No.9 was already a great valet, valet no.9.1 looks and feels even better.

The prefect valet where space is short

The perfect valet where space is short

It’s the ideal valet for small spaces like those compact modern city apartments where you find you still store things at Mum and Dad’s maintaining a capsule wardrobe at home.

The new hanger detail and tie and belt bars.

The new hanger detail and tie and belt bars.

 The changes are to the accessory tray and the top of the hanger. The hanger now has a wooden ball at the top which sits neatly in the small cup on the accessory tray leaving room for the new tie and belt bars which were absent when the valet was first introduced.
Perfect in modern or traditional rooms

Perfect in modern or traditional rooms

 Valet no.9 has a great modern feel to it, there’s nothing “grandfather” about this valet. The simple shape works great with modern or mid-century classics and it also looks as good surrounded by polished antiques or your wabi-sabi finds. Although it’s less expensive than the other valets, the difference comes purely from the design. it’s made to the same exacting high standards as the rest of the range.
No.9 a modern gentleman's gentleman

No.9 a modern gentleman’s gentleman

So if you’re thinking of buying your first valet, no.9 could last you a lifetime or at least until your son runs off with it!

Sam Brown

The calming effect of valet ownership

Why you need a valet no. 2.

Enjoy a calm, organised start to your day

If you find yourself trying to get a start on tomorrow by hanging your clothes over a chair or from the door of your wardrobe then you’ve probably reached the point in your life where you should think about investing in a valet.

Shirt, tie everything perfect and ready to go

Shirt, tie everything perfect and ready to go

And it is an investment, think of those panicked mornings when the shirt you want is in the laundry, the tie has a souvenir from dinner and you haven’t the time to think of a good alternative. This is where you could use a little help from yourself last night, when that minute of planning and setting things out could have meant breakfast calmly sat at the table instead of running for the train.

Now that you might be seeing the light, do you want to ferret around car boot sales or eBay looking for something that’s biggest plus is that your grandfather may have had one. Modern taste is so varied whether it’s modern or retro, everybody has their own style and a valet has to be part of that and not just be the thing in the corner no one else likes the look of.

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Blending in with style.

Blending into the background with a colour coordinated velvet flock covered hat rest.

Blending into the background with a colour coordinated velvet flock covered hat rest.

Amongst its various options, the Hatstand Valet comes with a black velvet covered hat rest. As good as it looks sometimes you just want to add something just to make it your own. Etched messages or initials can let the whole world know who’s valet it is but if it’s going into a room with a very definite look, fitting in is sometimes the key. Continue reading

Hatstand Valet de László

Something nice to hang on your wall.

With the arrival of Valet no.9 earlier this year, I now make 4 different wall mounted valets. Add all the various options of timber, trouser hanger, accessory trays and hat rests and there’s 65 possible variations before any bespoke details are added into the equation. I won’t pretend I’m 100% certain of that figure, I only have 10 fingers and now a sore head from trying to work it out.

Valet no.9, bad puppy!

Some of man’s best friends are more dependable than others. Valet no.9, very good for your suits, cute puppies not so much so.

Valet no.9 is my first valet with hangers which lift off the valet in normal use. Its styling is intended to blend with the look of a room, working just as well in a contemporary or traditional style of room. Continue reading

Conceal your wardrobe mistakes behind beautiful panelling and show off your best buys on a Hatstand Wall Valet


I promise that’s not a serious Instagram hashtag which is what anyone who’s been trying to get seen on Instagram will be used to doing to try and reach a wider audience.

Portrait of a gentleman and his valet suit stand

Portrait of a gentleman and his valet

I still think the simple white backgrounds on this website show the valets in a nice neutral way. But on the other hand, the more time I spend on Instagram the more I can see it can give me a fun and valuable opportunity to show the valets in very different situations.

The Hatstand Valet with a globe hat rest. Slightly flawed in that may inspire you not to stay home and use it.

The Hatstand Valet with a globe hat rest. Slightly flawed in that may inspire you not to stay home and use it.

Come and see what I’ve been up to on Instagram and please follow the almost endless stream of images. As always I’d be grateful to hear what anyone who is thinking about owning a valet thinks about them and what detail changes might make one of the range perfect for them.

The Hatstand Valet, head in the clouds, thinking what to wear tomorrow.

The Hatstand Valet, head in the clouds, thinking what to wear tomorrow.

Hope to see you on Instagram, @gentlemansvaletcompany

Sam Brown


Valet de chambre, valet stand

Valet no.9

Valet no.9 is the first of two new valets I’m introducing this year. It’s a slight change in direction from some of my other valets. Function is still every bit as important as always but instead of demanding attention like some of the valets the look of this one is simple and graphic to co-ordinate with a wider range of homes, hotels and offices. Continue reading

Orange velvet Hatstand Gentleman's Valet

Flocked Hatstand Valets for gents not afraid of a little colour.

Velvet flock hat rests have been available since I first launched this website. Up till now they’ve been discreetly offered in black with colour just quietly mentioned as a bespoke option. A recent order made me wake up my ideas about the velvet flock covered balls. Continue reading

Gentleman's Bike Valet bike rack

The Gentleman’s Bike Valet

It seems only natural to me that those men who enjoy the orderly feeling a gentleman’s valet can bring to their lives would like to extend that feeling throughout their lives. With this in mind here is the Gentleman’s Bike Valet. Continue reading