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Leslie Howard portrait by Reginald G. Eves

Leslie Howard

 Portrait of Leslie Howard (1893-1943) by Reginald G.Eves

Leslie Howard was an English stage and film actor, director, and producer.

He began acting on the London stage in 1917 but his greatest theatrical success was in the United States on Broadway, in plays such as Aren’t We All? (1923), Outward Bound (1924), and The Green Hat (1925). He became an undisputed Broadway star in Her Cardboard Lover (1927). After his success as time traveller Peter Standish in Berkeley Square (1929), he launched his Hollywood career by repeating the Standish role in the 1933 film version of the play. The stage, however, continued to be an important part of his career. He frequently juggled acting, producing, and directing duties in the Broadway productions in which he starred. Continue reading