Orange velvet Hatstand Gentleman's Valet

For gents not afraid of a little colour

For gents not afraid of a little colour. Velvet flock hat rests have been available since I first launched the valets. Up till now they’ve been discreetly offered in black with colour just quietly mentioned as a bespoke option. A recent order made me wake up my ideas about the velvet flock covered balls.


Gentleman’s Hatstand Valet with yellow flock velvet hat rest.

For gents not afraid of a little colour

Gentleman’s Hatstand Valet with orange velvet flock ball hat rest

This is one of those bespoke details that costs no extra. If you love colour and want to help dispell the old fashioned image of the foggy old gentleman’s valet then have a look at the previous post on Taro Okamoto to see how else you can add colour to your bespoke valet.


Many colours of the Gentleman’s Hatstand Valets

If you want to order a colour other than black please send a message via the form on the “About” page when you place your order. If there’s a specific colour you’d like,  every effort will be made to match your sample otherwise I’ll email the closest available sample colour to you before going ahead.


Black Flock Velvet Gentleman’s Hatstand Valet

And of course black is still available…..

Sam Brown