New bracket gives a more polished look to the wall mounted valets.

Another new detail first shown at Maison&Objet was a new wall bracket. It now looks more polished and comes in two sections which makes fitting easier.

oak standard wall valet

Oak standard wall valet on light bronze bracket.


oak and light bronze skull hatstand wall valet

Oak hatstand valet with light bronze skull and bracket.

The new bracket is being used for all the wall valets including the wall light valets with the wiring travelling down the wooden threaded dowel and through the wall bracket. Installation should always be carried out by a qualified electrician.

walnut wall light valet

Wall light valet in walnut with dark bronze wall bracket.

The valet portion of the bracket slides over the wall bracket section and is fixed with two small screws underneath.

wall valet bracket

Wall valet bracket

The bracket is currently available in light and dark bronze and black finishes. The choice of finish is confirmed by email after the order is placed. Other finishes may be available as bespoke details.

globe hatstand wall valet in walnut

Globe hatstand wall valet in walnut.

The globe hat rest shown is handmade by globe makers Lander & May.

football hatstand wall valet

Football hatstand wall valet.

Another new hatstand option, the football is actually made of hard resin although up close it looks just like real leather.

hatstand wall valet with velvet flocked ball

Hatstand wall valet with velvet flocked ball.

Lastly the dark bronze hatstand valet with dark bronze skull.

dark bronze skull hatstand valet in walnut

Dark bronze skull hatstand valet in walnut.

Sam Brown