Orange velvet Hatstand Gentleman's Valet

Flocked Hatstand Valets for gents not afraid of a little colour.

Velvet flock hat rests have been available since I first launched this website. Up till now they’ve been discreetly offered in black with colour just quietly mentioned as a bespoke option. A recent order made me wake up my ideas about the velvet flock covered balls. Continue reading

Gentleman's Bike Valet bike rack

The Gentleman’s Bike Valet

It seems only natural to me that those men who enjoy the orderly feeling a gentleman’s valet can bring to their lives would like to extend that feeling throughout their lives. With this in mind here is the Gentleman’s Bike Valet. Continue reading

White Hatstand Gentleman's Valet

Meet Mr. White

Available finishes on the valets with wooden screw threads like the Standard Valet are limited because of movement of the hangers over the thread. This white valet was a bespoke request made to match existing furniture in the client’s home. Continue reading

Plan your next trip with a globe hatstand valet

The continuing daily social whirl

The weekday social media onslaught continues. It’s very spontaneous, I don’t know from one day to the next what I’m going to post. At best I might have posts ready a day or two in advance but it’s more likely to be a last minute rush to get it ready for the lunch time deadline. Continue reading

Red Hatstand Valet

The daily social whirl of valet making.


A few months ago I decided to rethink my social media efforts. I’m now posting one photo a day on instagram etc, most days of the week. With only my cut out valet images, self taught photoshop and the internet I’m trying to get across a mixture of style and quality. Continue reading