Hatstand Valet de László

Something nice to hang on your wall.

With the arrival of Valet no.9 earlier this year, I now make 4 different wall mounted valets. Add all the various options of timber, trouser hanger, accessory trays and hat rests and there’s 65 possible variations. That’s before any bespoke details are added. I won’t pretend I’m 100% certain of that figure, I only have 10 fingers and now a sore head from trying to work it out.

Valet no.9, bad puppy!

Some of man’s best friends are more dependable than others. Valet no.9, very good for your suits, cute puppies not so much so.

Valet no.9

My first valet with hangers which lift off the valet in normal use. Its clean, simple styling is intended to blend easily with many styles of interior. Working just as well in a contemporary or traditional style of room.

The Standard Wall Valet in oak

The Standard Wall Valet in oak

The Standard Wall Valet

, Like the floor standing Standard Valet was designed to be an engaging piece of furniture, very tactile and the perfect valet with a jacket hanger that gives lots of shoulder support to your jackets and accessory tray and trouser hanger options that let you personalise it and make it perfect for you.

Then comes the fun, to make the valet more of a personal statement there’s the Hatstand Wall Valets which account for 40 of those variations when you count the options then multiply them by the 5 different hat rest options. The skull which comes in light or dark bronze and black, the handmade globe and the velvet flock covered ball.

Hatstand Wall Valet 09

Made in London, the Pearly King of valets.

Hatstand Wall Valet 05

Featuring a handmade globe by Lander & May globe makers.

hatstand wall valet with velvet flocked ball

Hatstand wall valet with velvet flocked ball.

And after all that choice there’s still the Wall Light Valet which is another great way to add humour, style and extra function to the old man’s suit stand.

walnut wall light valet

Wall light valet in walnut with dark bronze wall bracket.

So if you don’t have space for a floor standing valet but your suits deserve better than a coat hook, take a look at the wall mounted valets.


Sam Brown