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Online shop update

Online shop update


Apologies for my very extended break from blogging and not posting anything regarding the online shop update. While so many people are spending so much time on social media, I’ve been doing the opposite. A sign of my age and simply being very busy.
Since my last post I’ve made changes to the shop so now all sales are dealt with directly by me via email.
The reason for this is the increasing turnover time for orders. Since the online shop can’t give estimates for order completion and delivery times. I feel I would rather give clients my best estimate of the time needed before collecting any payment.

Please contact me via the contact page or direct email with any enquiries regarding the placing of orders. Thank you.


Sam Brown

The calming effect of valet ownership

Why you need a valet number 2

Why you need a valet number 2.
Enjoy a a calm start to the day. If you’ve had enough of the daily mad rush. And you find yourself trying to get a head start on tomorrow. Hanging your clothes over a chair or from the door of your wardrobe. You’ve probably reached the point in your life where you should think about investing in a valet.


Shirt, tie everything perfect and ready to go

And it is an investment, think of those panicked mornings when the shirt you want is in the laundry, the tie has a souvenir from dinner and you haven’t the time to think of a good alternative. This is where you could use a little help from your last night self. When that minute of planning and setting things out could have meant breakfast calmly sat at the table instead of running for the train.

Now that you might be seeing the light, do you want to ferret around car boot sales or eBay. Looking for something that’s biggest plus is that your grandfather may have had one. Nowadays taste is so varied whether it’s modern or retro. Everybody has their own style and a valet has to be part of that and not just be the thing in the corner no one else likes the look of.

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Plan your next trip with a globe hatstand valet

The continuing daily social whirl

The continuing daily social whirl of promoting the valets continues. It’s very spontaneous, I don’t know from one day to the next what I’m going to post. At best I might have posts ready a day or two in advance but it’s more likely to be a last minute rush to get it ready for the lunch time deadline. Continue reading

New Gentleman's Retainer Suit Stand

The new shape Gentleman’s Retainer

The new shape Gentleman’s Retainer
This is the new shape Gentleman’s Retainer introduced at Maison&Objet in Paris in January’16. It’s a more interesting, angular and masculine shape. But like all the valets it’s still a very tactile piece of furniture. Continue reading