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Attention seeking Hatstand Valets

Attention seeking valets

The golden boy of valet stands, the Hatstand Valet in oak.

The golden boy of valet stands, the Hatstand Valet in oak.

When I first introduced the Hatstand Valets I wondered what kind of homes they would find their way into. They make a statement in any bedroom or dressing room, especially the skull option.

Not long after the skull started to sell I noticed he was becoming a regular choice for men who ordered valets for their office, lawyers and businessmen who maybe have him as a vailed threat to potential adversaries.

Red velvet hat rest on an oak clothes valet.

Red velvet hat rest on an oak hatstand valet.

The velvet flock hat rest can be a little more gentle. Whether blending in with its surroundings or going for a complete contrast. On the website it’s listed black as standard but a there’s a selection of colours available as a bespoke detail.

Take on your world with the Hatstand Valet

Take on your world with the Hatstand Valet

Then there’s the globe option with a beautiful, handmade globe made by traditional British globe makers Lander and May. Something from the study in your dressing room.

If you’re looking for a valet that adds a bit of interest in your room, have a look at the hatstand valets. There’s plenty to choose from and the bespoke service if you have something different in mind.


Sam Brown

Plan your next trip with a globe hatstand valet

The continuing daily social whirl

The weekday social media onslaught continues. It’s very spontaneous, I don’t know from one day to the next what I’m going to post. At best I might have posts ready a day or two in advance but it’s more likely to be a last minute rush to get it ready for the lunch time deadline. Continue reading

New Gentleman's Retainer Suit Stand

The new shape Gentleman’s Retainer valet

This is the new shape Gentleman’s Retainer introduced at Maison&Objet in Paris in January’16. It’s a more interesting, angular and masculine shape but like all the valets it’s still a very tactile piece of furniture. Continue reading

Detail of the jacket hanger and accessory bowl.

Bespoke details… colour matching.

Over the last few months we’ve made a few bespoke Gentleman’s Retainer valets which particularly featured colour matching. Because the retainer doesn’t involve any moving parts like the valets which are on the wooden screw thread, it can be made of a wider range of timbers and finishes. Continue reading

Oak hanging rail gentleman's valet company

Bespoke clothes rail.

I made this oak clothes hanging rail last year to replace an old metal one. An unusual commission but a lot of my work comes from people trying to replace something bought to do a job with something that will not only do the job but look more attractive. It has the rail of course, but also a shelf on the bottom for shoes and bags, an umbrella stand, a hook for coats or bags on the opposite end and a top shelf with bowls for smaller items like keys, change and phones. Continue reading