Taro Okamoto Hatstand Gentleman's Valet

Taro Okamoto

Three instagram posts inspired by one of my favourite Japanese artists, Taro Okamoto. The first one uses his “The chair that refuses to seat anyone” as a hat rest.

"Tower of the Sun" Gentleman's Valet

“Tower of the Sun” Hatstand Valet

This one is based on the “Tower of the Sun” which was known as the symbol of Expo ’70 in Suita, Osaka in Japan.

Taro Okamoto's Playing Cards 1977 Gentleman's Valet

Taro Okamoto’s Playing Cards 1977 Hatstand Valet

Still with a hint of the “tower of the Sun”. This one is mostly inspired by his “Playing Cards” of 1977.

These are all examples of possible bespoke valets. If you’d like to discuss your bespoke valet idea. Please call or contact me through the form on the “About” page.

Sam Brown