Plan your next trip with a globe hatstand valet

The continuing daily social whirl

The continuing daily social whirl of promoting the valets continues. It’s very spontaneous, I don’t know from one day to the next what I’m going to post. At best I might have posts ready a day or two in advance but it’s more likely to be a last minute rush to get it ready for the lunch time deadline.

The globe hatstand valet seems like the perfect valet for the man on the go. The trouser clip hanger makes it a perfect ladies valet too.

I show the valets on the website on white background because I want people to imagine the valets in their homes and not a house I might photograph them in. On instagram it’s very different. Passing ideas and puns are never ignored.

Spot the coolest way to take care of your suits

Spot the coolest valet around

The valets add something to whatever room they end up in no matter how crazy the wallpaper might be.

Could you live with such a perfect couple

Could you live with such a perfect couple

Nice, calm minimalist settings give a nice background for the valets. I like to think the valets are beautiful objects in a room when they’re not in use.

The world looking peaceful in St Moritz Church

The world looks peaceful in St Moritz Church

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Sam Brown