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Valet no.9

Valet no.9 is the first of two new valets I’m introducing this year. It’s a slight change in direction from some of my other valets. Function is still every bit as important as always but instead of demanding attention like some of the valets the look of this one is simple and graphic to co-ordinate with a wider range of homes, hotels and offices.

Valet no.9 in French walnut

Valet no.9 shown in French walnut

Accessory tray of Valet no.9

Accessory tray of Valet no.9

It’s a valet for everyday use, perfect for busy men or women who organise their daily capsule wardrobes.

A valet for your casual days and your smart days

A valet for your casual days and your smart days

Some people do hang their jeans up.

Some people do hang up their jeans.

Shown here with the trouser bar hanger, there’s also a clip hanger available for skirts or trousers. Different jacket hanger widths are also available by contacting me through the bespoke section on the “About us” page. This is a valet designed for ladies and gentlemen.

Nice profile as well!

Nice profile as well

The valet is easy to install. A steel wall plate is fixed to the wall, the wooden valet then slips on to two prongs on the plate and is secured by a single thumb nut under the accessory tray.

The hallway or office option

The hallway or office option

For entrance halls or offices where you may only be hanging up a coat or jacket and a brolley there’s an option to change the trouser hanger for a wooden rod to hang umbrellas on.

Coat, brolley and keys... what else could you need?

Coat, brolley and keys… what else could you need?

The capsule shaped wall valet defines a space in your room that will become your place to prepare yourself every day. There are people who fall out of bed and hope for the best, valet users like to start the day prepared. Whether it’s for special occasions or your everyday wardrobe, a valet makes it easier to plan ahead so you can get on with other things.

Watch this valet help you to organise yourself

Watch this valet help you organise yourself

Coming soon…. Valet no.10

Sam Brown