Who makes the valets?

Who makes the valets? When I started making valets I thought it made sense to present them in the most neutral way possible. I hoped that having no distractions would help to make them appeal to a wider range of potential customers. By showing them on a white background people would find it easier to picture them in their own homes.

Having spoken with a few clients over the years I think I need to do some self-promotion. Mostly to reassure people about the quality of my work. And these days people appreciate artisan work, the image of a maker that makes something from start to finish.


My name is Sam Brown. Apart from making luxury valets I’ve been making high quality bespoke furniture for about 20 years. Working from a small workshop in North London.
I do all my work to the same high standards. It doesn’t matter if it’s a valet or a piece of bespoke furniture. My work is always hands on and in no way mass produced.


Click on any of these photos and you’ll be taken to the Sam Brown Furniture website. You’ll be able to see some examples of my bespoke furniture and the way I work. You can even get in touch and commission your ideal bespoke dressing room. Somewhere you can stand a gentleman’s valet. One of mine of course.


Sam Brown