The calming effect of valet ownership

Why you need a valet number 2

Why you need a valet number 2.
Enjoy a a calm start to the day. If you’ve had enough of the daily mad rush. And you find yourself trying to get a head start on tomorrow. Hanging your clothes over a chair or from the door of your wardrobe. You’ve probably reached the point in your life where you should think about investing in a valet.


Shirt, tie everything perfect and ready to go

And it is an investment, think of those panicked mornings when the shirt you want is in the laundry, the tie has a souvenir from dinner and you haven’t the time to think of a good alternative. This is where you could use a little help from your last night self. When that minute of planning and setting things out could have meant breakfast calmly sat at the table instead of running for the train.

Now that you might be seeing the light, do you want to ferret around car boot sales or eBay. Looking for something that’s biggest plus is that your grandfather may have had one. Nowadays taste is so varied whether it’s modern or retro. Everybody has their own style and a valet has to be part of that and not just be the thing in the corner no one else likes the look of.

Time for the sales pitch!


A few of the valet options

There’s nine valets in the range at the present time. Including Grace the lady’s valet and Valet no.9 which was introduced earlier this year. All the various options mean that there’s a lot to choose from without even starting to think about the bespoke service. And you can even buy them from the comfort of your morning rush-hour train.


Valet no.9, the perfect valet in small, modern bedrooms.

So if your clothes show you have style, pick the valet that’ll help you take care of them and help you start your day calm and relaxed.

   Sam Brown