The Gentleman’s Retainer

Since I first made the Gentleman’s Retainer it has been refined to become the stylish gentleman's valet it now is.
It's elegant outline suggests the shape of a man, with broad shoulders tapering down to the waist and from there down to the foot of the valet.
There's an accessory bowl at the top for a watch and cufflinks with tie or belt bars either side. A beautifully shaped, solid jacket hanger supports the shoulders of the jacket allowing it to air properly and let the day’s creases drop out. Below that on the central column there's a trouser bar hanger with velvet flock on the top edge to prevent trousers from slipping. The valet base is the shoe shelf with two rails to support the shoes and allow them to relax after the day’s hard workout.
The Retainer is made to order to suit the height and shoe size of the final user. The valet height should be just a few inches below the user's eye level so it’s a comfortable height to look down into.
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