The Gentleman’s Retainer

The Retainer was the first valet I made, it’s been reconsidered and reworked since to get to the current shape but it’s always been one of my most popular valets. From the top there's an accessory bowl with a tie and belt bar, the jacket hanger and then a choice of trouser bar or clip hanger. The base of the valet is a shoe stand. One of the recent changes to the Retainer is the shape of the body. There’s now a masculine, angular shape to complement the curves of the new lady’s valet, Grace. This isn’t purely for aesthetic reasons, both the Retainer and Grace divide at the waist and base and are very easily reassembled to make shipping much easier. There's no height adjustment on this valet so it must be made to suit the height of the person who will be using it. I recommend the valet should be about 8 inches / 20 centimetres shorter that the user so they look down slightly into the accessory bowl and the valet shoulders should be just below theirs. The length of the shoe base can also be adjusted to suit. Shoe size and height are confirmed by email after the order is placed.

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