The Hatstand Valet

Even if you don't wear hats this is the option that adds most personality to your valet. A world away from the purely functional gentleman’s valets of the past, the Hatstand Valet comes with a choice of interesting hat rests. 
Greet the world every morning with a globe hat rest. Made by traditional globe makers Lander and May in the UK. The globe is papered onto a wooden ball which then screws on to the top of the valet in the same way all the other valet components do.
The skull hat rest, most people love it but whether or not it's your choice it usually gets a reaction. I wasn't too surprised when the first one sold to a doctor but I was when they started to find their way into lawyer's offices. I wondered if they were maybe being used as a show of power or maybe a veiled threat.
The Skulls are made of a dense resin and come in a choice of colours. Light or dark bronze and black.
The velvet flock covered ball is the more expected hat rest of the range. It's a wooden ball, like the globe, covered in black velvet flock. If fashionable black isn’t your choice a limited range of colours is also available as a bespoke detail.
All the hat rests can be removed without any damage to the valet and alternate hat rests can be purchased at a later date.
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